Co-authored paper is published in JGR Atmospheres.

The paper “Multiple Gamma-ray Glows and a Downward TGF observed from Nearby Thunderclouds”, by Shohei Hisadomi and Kazuhiro Nakazawa at Nagoya University, is published in Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. The published version can be found here.

In this paper, we reported the observation results of a gamma ray glow and terrestrial gamma ray flash that were simultaneously observed at Kanazawa Izumigaoka High School and Kanazawa University High School on January 13, 2020. First, the first gamma-ray glow was simultaneously observed by two detectors, and it disappeared due to a lightning discharge during the observation. A few minutes later, a second gamma-ray glow was observed at the same time, which also disappeared due to a lightning discharge, but it was found that the terrestrial gamma-ray flash occurred at the timing of the disappearance. This is the second case of simultaneous observation of the interruption of a terrestrial gamma ray flash and a gamma-ray glow.

A comparison of gamma-ray glows with weather radar revealed that neither of the two gamma-ray glows could be explained by the wind blowing a single irradiation area. From this, we discussed the possibility that it had a complicated gamma-ray glow shape or that it developed rapidly in time, based on the weather radar data. The dense placement of gamma-ray detectors and the deployment of the X-band weather radar for commercial use led to this achievement.

I supported data analysis, interpretation, and writing as the third author in this paper.